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We are a group with a table top role playing game (TTRPG) actual play podcast the whole family can enjoy. The stories might change but the adventure is GUARANTEED!

Current Show

Tower of Lost Magic

We begin our story in the World of Ralfor, where our adventurers will delve into discovering the mysteries of "The Tower" and the coincidence of magic leaving Ralfor when it appeared. Join Killian Slimeman (a Plasmoid Soldier), Irwin Paz (a Half-folk Gun Slinger), Garm (a Lupine Street Urchin), and Chu (a Human "WildBoy") as they seek to unravel the thrilling mystery surronding this Tower and learn more of their place in Ralfor. 


Nathan Kuipers as the GM

Seth Guthrie as Killian Slimeman, a Plasmoid Soldier

Tim Gallegos as Irwin Paz, a Half-folk Gun Slinger

Seth Kleinwort as Garm, a Lupine Street Urchin

Kyle Bateman as Chu, a Human “WildBoy”

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Past Adventures


A fantasy western where tribes of elves protect the last dragons that have been hunted near to extinction by humans and their expanding railroads. Where dwarven prospectors headed west in search of gold and goblins headed west in search of work; honest or otherwise. Join Peet "Tooth Fairy" Grimsley, Alvin "Mad Gun" Rivers, Three-Fingered Pete, and late comer Gowpen as they navigate their way in the world of Rattlestead!


In this fantasy woodland of Maplewood, the Order of the Maple helps keep the peace after the Great Calamity. A mysterious force has suddenly killed our heroes' spiritual connection to the Great Maple. Join Quill Greybell, Bertram Honksleaf, Jean H'Orton, and Otis Sagraine, as they embark on their adventure to restore life to the wood and attempt to stop this force from destroying more of the Great Maple.