Guaranteed Adventures

Crafting stories for the whole family!

We are a family-friendly actual-play tabletop RPG podcast. Typically, we run short adventures in different RPG systems, with a focus on interesting characters. 

When you listen to us, the story might change, but the Adventure is Guaranteed!

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A fantasy western where tribes of elves protect the last dragons that have been hunted near to extinction by humans and their expanding railroads. Where dwarven prospectors headed west in search of gold and goblins headed west in search of work; honest or otherwise. Join Peet "Tooth Fairy" Grimsley, Alvin "Mad Gun" Rivers, Three-Fingered Pete, and late comer Gowpen as they navigate their way in the world of Rattlestead!


In this fantasy woodland of Maplewood, where animals rule, the Order of the Maple helps keep the peace after the Great Calamity. A mysterious force has suddenly killed our heroes' spiritual connection to the Great Maple. Join Quill Greybell, Bertram Honksleaf, Jean H'Orton, and Otis Sagraine, as they embark on their adventure to restore life to the wood and attempt to stop this force from destroying more of the Great Maple.

Tower of Lost Magic

The land of Ralfor's magic suddenly disappeared twenty years ago, at the same time a mysterious Tower appeared. Many have ventured into the Tower, but none have returend. Join Killian Slimeman, Irwin Paz, Garm, and Chu as they enter the Tower of Lost Magic and seek to unravel the mysteries of Ralfor.


Cipher Solutions

Eighty years have passed since the events of “Rattlestead.” Magic is rare; hardly anyone is born with magical abilities. Meet Cipher Solutions – Private Eyes taking cases that the police won’t. Join Rhett Cli, Sammy Castiglioni, and Bamboo Bumblesnout in this noir mystery, as they attempt to understand the disappearance of Ginny Day.

Cthulhu Doo: Where Are You?

Join the Riddle Rascals as they uncover the mystery of a mysterious mansion! The Riddle Rascals are a group of community college students who dabble in solving mysteries as an extra-curricular! Did we mention that there is a pet dog named Cthulhu-Doo?

Creator Quest

Eshlbel Tolls

As the survivors of the Great War against the Malbonaran Empire, the Felleyndgr Alliance limps its way from town to town, but they discover a voice on the wind that calls them to their ancestral home. Our heroes must learn the origins of this voice and find a new home before their resources and unity are dissolved like desert sand.

Featuring Dale Spaulding: @writeondale